Menu card for the wedding breakfast

We say feasting because again that’s what we do, we don’t do banqueting we don’t do processed and we don’t do regenerated and pre plated.

What we do is provide you with a beautifully presented meal, that is home cooked in our kitchens by inspired and talented chefs. We keep abreast of current food trends, seasonal specialties and presentational styles.  We are very proud to say that many of our previous guests comment that our food is high end restaurant quality.

If we can make it ourselves we do, our bread, pasta, ice-cream, soups, sauces, puddings, canapes, truffles etc. etc. are all made on the premises, nothing comes out of a packet in our kitchen. Wherever possible we will aim to find a match for your menu ideas.  For the die-hard foodies, we offer a gourmet selection and whichever style you choose we do our best to tailor the menu to suit your requirements

Years ago it was normal that a menu was chosen and everyone ate the same meal. Yes we did that in the beginning as well! Seriously… that is not the case nowadays we’ve all moved on! You choose the menu and then your guests choose what they fancy. Our team are always happy to engage with the challenge of many diverse allergens.

Finally, if you decide to hold your wedding with us we will invite you both to a supper evening where we will feed you food that will match the season of your wedding, give you tasters of our house wines to make sure that you are completely happy with your selections, and obviously we will also aim to show you how professional, friendly and awesome we really are.