The master bedroom & sitting room

The Master Bedroom and sitting room are part of our fantastic new Moat House. You will possibly have experienced the lovely dressing room this morning at the start of your day. The best is yet to come…

Lets start with the Sitting Room. It is a colourful and contemporary room filled with all your home comforts plus some lovely extras. If you can’t bear to finish your day you can invite your closest family to come back and join you for a late night coffee and chat.

Right OK, it’s time to throw out the hangers on-ers.

Upstairs in the Master Bedroom there is a lovely comfy sleigh bed and a deep cast iron double ended, freestanding bath, where you can soak your tired bones. Your DM will have popped up just before the end of your evening to deliver some nibbles and bubbles for you to lie back, close your eyes and enjoy. Just don’t let the others know, or they won’t leave!